For School

Schools can use Class Manage Me to manage classes and students. We provide all the tools required to effectively manage all operations.

For Student

Students can use Class Manage Me to engage with Class Organisers and Schools as well as seeing up to date information in a single platform.

Single Platform

Class Manage Me provides a single platform for you and your team to collaborate and build your business.

Plug and Play

Class Manage Me provides a fantastic FREE platform for schools and students to use. We provide additional plugins to further extend your platform on demand.


Full responsive

Class Manage Me is a fully responsive website and is available on all modern web browsers.


Class Manage Me provides a reporting suite to allow you to track the progress of your school or individual classes.


Team Work

Work as a team to answer customer questions or as an organisation set and allocate tasks to team members.


All data within Class Manage Me is stored and secured on Google's Enterprise instructure.

More About Our Platform

Things that you will love to sink your teeth into.

Powerful Modern Stack

Perfectly Designed

Class Manage Me is built on the bleeding edge technologies which include: Firebase, Angular and a host of other industry standard technologies. We have enabled fast login using Google, Twitter and Facebook.

dashboard dashboard dashboard


Incredibly Stable

Class Manage Me is hosted by Google Infrastructure and provides a ast and reliable service with 99.99% uptime. This ensures minimal disruption to your business operations and keeps the connection with your students alive.

dashboard dashboard

What Schools Think

Our core users and those that get great value from our platform.

"I love class manage me. I now have a one stop shop to manage my students in a nice and clean way. My favourite feature is the retention analysis which helps me keep my business alive."
John H. Kane
Dance Instructor
"I love running my school and Class Manage Me makes it so simple for me to keep track of my students as well as my online booking. Love it."
Jennifer Smith
Yoga Instructor
"I discovered Class Manage Me by accident and could not believe that a tool so powerful comes for free."
Thomas Harris
School Manager

More System Integrated

We are continually building our platforms and some really great features will be coming soon.

Social Media

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Engagement

Engage with your students and prespective students on social media with ease via Class Manage Me. Creating repeating events, inviting your all your students to attend. This will also give you the ability to schedule your Facebook posts or let us decide on the most appropriate time for your messaging.


Email Marketing and Communication

Email marketing is still one of the most effective wyas of engaging with your customer base. Class Manage Me will allow you to manage your mailing list through our platform in a nice and efficient manner. We will also allow you to set re engagement rules to automate email communication with your students.

Mobile Communication

SMS Notifications

An SMS messages reach students in a quick and efficient measure. This is perfect for last minute communication and a great way to ensure that your students avoid dissapointments. Through Class Manage Me you can request your students phone numbers and send mass SMS messages.


Integrated Payment Solution

Taking payments in a simple, cost efficient and streamed line manner is a dream come for any class organiser. Class Manage Me provides a manner for allow you to set up one off payments and reoccurring payment plans.

Class Manage Me Pricing

The Class Manage Me Platform is completely FREE to use.
Limtis apply and additional enterprise features have an unlocking costs.

  • User Limits
  • The Class Manage Me platform is free for one user and up to 100 students.
  • Per Month
  • $ 5 Up to 250 Students
  • $ 10 Per 1,000 Students
  • $ 5 Up to 5 Administrators
  • $ 10 Unlimited Adminstrators
  • Standard
  • The Class Manage Me Platform is completely free to try and use.
  • FREE
  • Single User
  • Unlimited Schools
  • Unlimited Classes
  • 250 Students
  • Class Register
  • Additional Features
  • There are additional features that can be added to your platform.
  • $ 5 Per Month
  • Student Retention
  • Direct Messaging
  • Booking Forms
  • Mini Sites

* Class Manage Me has been designed to be responsive and accessible via all modern web browsers. Mobile Versions of the Class Manage Me will be available soon.

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